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Capitol Reef Hikers


September 22-27, 2019


Deposit: $500

Airport: Grand Junction, Colorado (GJT)

**See itinerary below.

Why Take This Photo Tour With Us?

*We live here & have been doing this trip for years.
*Maroon Bells, Dallas Divide—we’ll also share our secret spots with you.
*Lodging, meals and transportation are included.

Southwest Colorado is an explosion of color every autumn. The largest stands of aspen in the world make this region unparalleled for stunning fall scenery, and the most famous autumn destinations in the world are found here at the base of 14,000-foot peaks. Between the golden groves, the high peaks, the crystal streams, the reflections and the possibility of early snow, there is something here for every landscape photographer. There will be times when there will literally be outstanding images in every direction. It will be up to you to choose which to shoot first.
Apen photographers
Colorado autumn stream
We’ll be staying in ski villages and National Historic Sites right in the heart of the grand landscapes, so we’ll never have to drive far. The towns themselves often provide great subjects for photography only a short walk from our hotels. This is the perfect tour for a scenic overview of the Colorado Rockies at its most colorful.
Autumn aspen
Dallas Divide, Colorado
The vibrant colors, the mountain air and the dramatic peaks make this an area we never tire of photographing. Let us share its secrets with you.
Maroon Creek
frosted aspen leaf
Day 1: Travel from Grand Junction to Aspen. Photograph in p.m.
Day 2: Photograph Maroon Bells. Take our time driving and photographing as we move to Crested Butte.
Day 3: Photograph around Crested Butte.
Day 4: Photograph in a.m. Move to Ouray, photographing along the way.
Day 5: Photograph around Ouray.
Day 6: Photograph in a.m. Return to Grand Junction after breakfast (about 2 hours).

+ Breakfast, dinner, lodging, critique and instruction as needed included.