Adventure Photography Photo Tours

Pyrrhuloxia male

May 1-6, 2016


Deposit: $500

Airport: McAllen, Texas (MFE)

**See itinerary below.

Why Take This Photo Tour With Us?

*Two full days at two different ranches with different habitats.
*We take care of the driving, the accommodations and the meals.
*We were one of the first companies to lead groups to South Texas, and we know it well.
*Stay in nice rooms in nice hotels.

Most bird photographers are aware that South Texas is the place to go for incredible diversity. Species can be photographed here that can’t even be seen in other parts of the country. The problem has always been access. Only 2% of the state is public land, so if you want to photograph species like green jays and caracaras, you need access to private ranches. And that’s where we’ll be photographing.
Bobwhite male
Cardinale male bathing
Where the tropics meet the temperate latitudes, the bird life is incredibly abundant, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to photograph. Most birds here are not accustomed to seeing people and consequently don’t tolerate them very well. Luckily there is a well developed system of ranches in this part of the state that cater to photographers. They all have comfortable blinds set up on water features and feeding stations. All the photographer has to do is take a seat and wait for the show to begin.
Green jay pair
Crested caracaras
It’s not uncommon for photographers to add 30 or more species to their files during 4 days of shooting here. And it’s not just the fantastic variety. The birds pose against picturesque backgrounds, and the hidden photographers can often capture behavior the most people never see. The possibilities are almost endless. It’s a matter of knowing what to expect, anticipating it, and being just a little lucky. Keep in mind that photographers often make their own luck, and just planning a trip to this part of the country is a good way to start.
Mexican groundsquirrel
Day 1: Pick up at McAllen airport. Motel check in. Instructional presentation of what we’ll be photographing. Dinner.
Days 2-3: Photograph from blinds with waterholes—a variety of birds & wildlife—at our
first ranch.
Days 3-4: Photograph from blinds with waterholes—a variety of birds & wildlife—at our
second ranch.
Day 5: We’ll drop you off at the airport.

+ Breakfast, dinner, snacks, water, lodging, critique and instruction as needed included.