• East River and sunflowers

    Rocky Mountain High Photo Tour

  • Northern lights

    Northern Lights Photo Tour

  • Arizona sunset

    Southern Arizona Photo Tour

  • Ground hogs kissing

    Wildlife Babies Photo Tour

  • Hoodoos

    Grand Staircase/Escalante Photo Tour

  • Bandon Beach sunset

    Oregon Coast & California Redwoods Photo Tour

  • Sandhill cranes landing at sunset

    Bosque/White Sands Photo Tour

  • Badlands at sunset

    South Dakota Photo Tour

  • Great Egret Bayou

    Bayou Photo Tour

  • Wild horses running

    Wild Horses Photo Tour

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Adventure Photography Photo Tours is for photographers who receive their greatest inspiration from the natural world. It’s for photographers who may not have the time to plan every detail of a photo trip, photographers who want a knowledgeable guide, and also photographers who might enjoy some instruction. Adventure Photography Photo Tours focuses on giving you something extra, something that makes the photography special. Maybe it’s being able to shoot the aurora right outside your lodge room, maybe it’s interesting combinations of subjects like clustering monarch butterflies and elephant seals on our Beauty & the Beasts Photo Tour, but it’s something that can be found on every one of our adventures.

You will be introduced to incredible wildlife spectacles and jaw-dropping landscapes by people who know them intimately. There’s a reason so many of our participants are repeats. Check out what we have to offer, and join one of our Adventure Photography Photo Tours today!

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