Worshipping With A Camera Cover

Explore the mystery and beauty of the interconnected web of existence through words and images.

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9" x 7" Soft cover
130 photos
94 pages
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Dynamic Wildlife Photography Cover
For experienced photographers who want to apply their technical skills to wildlife photography and for photographers who already have experience with photographing animals but want to further refine their images, this book provides the guidance needed to master artistically compelling wildlife portraits. Photographers learn how to create images that not only document their subjects, but also cause viewers to study and discuss them. Written for photographers who know how to create a technically precise photograph, this book shows them how to flex their creativity, apply their imaging prowess to the field, and evaluate their subjects in a new light. Practical tips cover everything from backlighting the soft, downy "stubble" of a newborn chick to choosing and using the accessories that help capture a unique perspective.

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Come Play At My House Cover

For kids, and those of us who never grew up, mountain goats galore.

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