June 2 - 7, 2019

**See itinerary below.

Why Take This Photo Tour With Us?

*Combination of California’s redwood groves and one of Oregon’s most scenic beaches.
*Because of the timing, we’ll have extreme tides at Bandon and blooming rhododendrons among the redwoods.
*Lodging, meals and transportation are included.

We’ve timed this one perfectly. It gives us extreme tides on the Oregon Coast as well as blooming rhododendrons among the redwoods. Photographers will have the usual sea stacks and crashing waves to play with on the picturesque beach at Bandon, and low tide will reveal a colorful world of tide pools filled with sea stars and anemones. We’ll visit forest waterfalls, and spend some quality time among numerous groves filled with the giants of Redwoods National Park.
It’s unusual to find two such different and superlative representatives of their respective environments so close together, but it makes a photo tour like this one ideal. There is time to work interesting subjects and there is plenty of variety. This photo tour focuses on landscape photography, both dynamic, moving water scenes and foggy, introspective ones, but there are often good opportunities for wildlife as well. Of course, there are always the small creatures of beach and forest, the sea stars and snails, but shorebirds, seals and elk are also possibilities. We see them on every tour, so be prepared.


Day 1: Travel to Bandon (about 3 hours) and photograph in the afternoon.
Day 2: Photograph the beaches around Bandon and nearby waterfalls.
Day 3: Photograph beaches in morning, travel to Crescent City, California, photograph redwoods in afternoon.
Day 4: Photograph different redwood groves in morning and afternoon.
Day 5: Repeat of Day 4, although with different redwood groves.
Day 6: Photograph redwoods in morning, transportation back to airport.


Deposit: $500

Airport: Medford, Oregon (MFR)

Tour Cost Includes: Transportation, breakfast, dinner, snacks, water, lodging, critique and instruction as needed.