Columbine blossoms

July 25 - 30, 2021

**See itinerary below.

Why Take This Photo Tour With Us?

*Colorado is our home, and we've exploring the mountains for more than four decades.
*The edge of timberline, with its small groves of trees and open meadows, is one of our favorite landscapes to photograph.
*Spring comes late this high in the mountains, and late July is prime time for columbines, Indian paintbrush, alpine sunflower and a rainbow assortment of wildflowers.
*The wildflower festivals are earlier in the month because they focus on lower elevations.
*Many of the best sites are only accessible by foot or 4-wheel drive, so many photo tours either don't visit these locations, or you have to drive yourself. We will get you there so you can concentrate on getting the images.

Southwest Colorado is home to some of the most magnificent mountain scenery in the world, and photographers come from all over the world to try and do it justice. This part of the Rocky Mountains is millions of years older than other western ranges, like the Sierra Nevadas and Cascades, and consequently, are more worn and less jagged. They may be less jagged, but Colorado’s Rockies also have more soil and more flowers than these other ranges. They are the perfect combination of majestic background and colorful foreground.
Primrose and stream, Colorado
Old mining cabin and wildflowers
Indian paintbrush
This tour is planned for peak bloom at the edge of timberline and above. We’ll be spending 5 full days exploring some of the most scenic locations, places where snow dappled peaks tower over fields of flowers. Columbines, Indian paintbrush, lupines, alpine avens and alpine sunflowers paint the tundra in rainbow hues. Chiming bells and bittercress blossoms nod over cascading creeks. Parry primrose, marsh marigolds, globeflowers and bistort border the still waters of alpine tarns. The places we’ll be staying are all National Historic Districts, and they offer some interesting shooting all by themselves, including the narrow guage train as it comes into Silverton. We’ll also make time for the ruins of a ghost town right at the edge of timberline.
Many of the most spectacular sites can’t be reached in a normal passenger vehicle or even most SUVs. They require a bit of serious 4-wheeling to reach, and that’s one of the things that makes Adventure Photography worth traveling with. We’ll make sure you can reach these spots, and that means chartering vehicles and drivers for several of our outings. Believe me, the view and resulting photos will be worth it.
Silverton Durango narrow guage
Fog, mountains and wildflowers


Day 1: Pick up at Grand Junction, drive to Crested Butte, photograph in afternoon, dinner.
Day 2: Photograph in early morning, breakfast, photograph in afternoon, dinner.
Day 3: Photograph in early morning, breakfast, travel to Silverton, photograph in afternoon, dinner.
Day 4: Photograph in early morning, breakfast, photograph in afternoon, dinner.
Day 5: Photograph in early morning, breakfast, travel to Ouray, photograph in afternoon, dinner.
Day 6: Photograph in early morning, breakfast, head back to Grand Junction.


Deposit: $500

Airport: Grand Junction, Colorado (GJT)

Tour Cost Includes: Transportation, breakfast, dinner, snacks, water, lodging, critique and instruction as needed.