1. Two Certified International Tour Managers
2. Most tour limited to 6 participants, with 2 leaders.
3. We have the necessary permits & insurance.
4. Lodging, breakfasts & dinners included!
5. Snacks & drinks while we’re out in the field.
6. Critiques of your work.
Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

Right Place, Right Time

Photographers & Wildflowers

Help If You Want It--What Do You Want To Learn?

Death Valley Photographers

Need A Little Help With Your Gear--Or Getting To That Great Spot?

Aurora & Cabin

Stay Close To The Action--Minimize Travel Time, Maximize Photography Time

Adventure Photography was created not just to offer quality photographic experiences, but to offer worry-free trips. Besides being professional photographers, we are both Certified International Tour Managers. We are used to making sure our traveling companions have a great time on any kind of trip. Travel with us and you don’t have to concern yourself with any of the details because we’ve taken care of them. You take care of your flight arrangements and make sure you have enough media cards or film. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our goal at Adventure Photography Photo Tours is to make sure you get the shot. Your tripod comes out of the vehicle before our's do. The group size is usually kept to a maximum of 6, and there will always be 2 skilled instructors with the group.

We don't ask participants to engage in exercises that take time away from the photos they want to take.  If, however, you want help with composition, or with your vision and how to make it a reality, we'll be happy to do so.  In short, we give as much or as little instruction as you desire. On most tours we provide instructional presentations, and participants are always encouraged to bring a sample of their work for a helpful, friendly critique or just to share with the group.

In addition to being outstanding trips for nature photography, an Adventure Photography photo tour makes a wonderful vacation. Whenever possible, we pick our lodging and restaurants for the quality, comfort, location and those little extra somethings that just make some places special.

Give us a call at 720-838-4236, or email us at
gordon@advenphoto.com, and let us make your next photography trip extra special.