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Aurora & Cabin


2 sessions!

March 1-7, 2015
March 8-14, 2015


Deposit: $500
Airport: Fairbanks, Alaska (FAI)

Even a weak Northern Lights display is a magical sight as impossible patterns of neon green and magenta are painted across the night sky. Sometimes the lights dance across the sky in waves. Sometimes they fall down in curtains, and it's never the same twice. The area around Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the best places in the world to see the aurora, and early March is the best time of the year--the skies are clearer and the aurora more dependable. It's the ideal time to experience this wonder of nature, and we'll be doing so in a couple of picturesque locations, including 3 nights at Chena Hot Springs.

It takes about eight minutes for the charged particles of the solar wind to speed across the emptiness between the sun and our planet. When these particles strike the gigantic magnet that is the Earth, an incredible reaction begins at both poles of the magnet. Electrons are energized and photons of light emitted from various atoms in our atmosphere. The colors of that light, and how far from the poles that reaction spreads, depend on the amount of energy the sun is sending our way.
This spectacular phenomenon is something every nature lover should see at least once in their lifetime, and no matter what wonders are witnessed around the globe, the aurora will always rank near the top of that list. A photographer could point in the same place shot after shot and never take the same image twice. We look forward to sharing this spectacle with you.

During the days, participants will have to choose between a variety of activities, including photographing winter scenics and activities--enjoying the World Ice Art Championships, dogsledding, cross-country skiing and relaxing--in a hot spring or beside a fire. The nights are reserved for the Northern Lights.
Ice Museum, Chena Hot Springs
Ice carving, World Ice Championships
Aurora & Photographers